The Open Science Team (OST)

Dr. Susann Özüyamansusann.oezueyaman@bibliothek.uni-halle.deHead of Open Science Team, publications fund
Dr. Roberto Cozatlroberto.cozatl@bibliothek.uni-halle.deResearch data management in natural sciences and medicine
Daniel Brenndaniel.brenn@bibliothek.uni-halle.deResearch data management in the humanities, website


Dr. Volker Adamvolker.adam@bibliothek-uni-halle.deFID Middle East, Open Science in Oriental and Cultural Studies
Silke Berndsensilke.berndsen@bibliothek.uni-halle.deEditorial staff, Open Access, papers and workshops
Anja Pilleranja.piller@bibliothek.uni-halle.deORCID, AltMetrics, papers and workshops


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