Why Open Access?

The most obvious advantages are the following:

  • unlimited and free access to publications
  • higher citation rates for Open Access articles
  • increased visibility of research (even for non-researchers)
  • better indexed by search engines
  • Secure long-term archiving of publications when uploaded to certified repositories or publishing in renowned Open Access journals
  • advantages by using digital documents in research and education (Open Educational resources)
  • collaborative work, use of automated data and text analysis
  • authors are in full control of their copyright

A more comprehensive depiction of the advantages of Open Access publishing as well as arguments against some reservations may be found here:

An important question for researchers in regards to Open Access is the quality of an Open Access journal.

The initiative thinkchecksubmit has discussed this question and created a checklist.

Should most of these questions be answered with a “yes”, this Open Access journal may be fit for a publication.